Completed projects

Completed projects

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Organic urban agriculture in Bolivia

Biologische stadslandbouw verbetert de gezondheid van mens en leefomgeving in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

From outsider to insider

Inclusie van ieder mens in de maatschappij ongeacht diens mentale gezondheid en/of mentale vermogen.

Acting together against corona

Strengthening acute and preventive COVID-19 health care in fragile countries.

Ethical compass exploration

Exploration of basic ethical principles that contribute to 'healthy people and a healthy world'.

Investing in health

Investment fund aimed at facilitating investors who have the promotion of health in a broad sense as a driver of their investment choices or the basis for existence as an organization.

(Christmas)meals less fortunate

Healthy, local (Christmas)meals for clients of the Food bank Arnhem.