1 August 2018

Financial education & health

The financial crisis of 2008 did not only uncover the financial illiteracy of the individual, it also showed that the financial and economic system we created is master rather than servant, uncontrollable by the individual or society as a whole, with money as an end in itself. Pure financial return as a prerequisite for any activity combined with the concentration of wealth and, consequently, power. How would we shape our economic and financial system if we put health, well-being and ecology at the heart of it?

The demand for financial education as a result of the financial crisis offered an opportunity to raise young people’s awareness in Belgium – from the perspective of health and ecology – of the structure of our financial-economic system, the role of money and banks in society and the perspective of alternatives. What choices would they make If they see well-being and ecology as the basis in life and the rest (money, a system) as a derivative?

In June and September 2018, trial lessons in financial education took place in Belgian secondary education. Based on the findings of the trial lessons, the content of the educational package was further developed. Active Health Foundation has made a contribution through consultancy services.

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