Venture philanthropy

Venture philanthropy

Venture philanthropy (VP; see image below) is a modern, relatively new form of philanthropy. It is a new way of investing in social enterprises with a social purpose that enables them to achieve a greater and sustainable social impact. VP is also seen as the new model of “Grant making”: creating and awarding a grant. The most significant difference with the traditional donation – charity where nothing is expected in return – is that with venture philanthropy compensation is expected in the form of a social and/or financial return.

Distinction from traditional philanthropy

Venture philanthropy distinguishes itself from traditional philanthropy by the combination of:

  • A relationship of great involvement between the venture philanthropist and the social enterprise.
  • Attention to organisational development.
  • Custom-made financing.
  • Non-financial support.
  • Access to complementary networks.
  • Multi-year support.
  • Impact management.

Whealth Fund

As a foundation, we have taken the initiative for a Whealth Fund. An investment fund aimed at facilitating investors whose investment choices  or the existence as an organisation is primarily based on the (contribution to the) promotion of health in a broad sense.

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