A healthier future in India

Vulnerable groups in society are affected most by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is also the case in India in the villages of the Amalapuram Mandal region, where many households live in poverty. Women’s marginal incomes often form the basis of a household. Increasing the economic self-reliance of women contributes to the health of both the woman and her family. In 2020, Active Health Foundation therefore financially supported 15 women from the goat farming project of the Human Voluntary Welfare Association (HVWA).

For the rural poor who cannot afford to maintain a cow or buffalo, the goat is an important source of livelihood security. Goats are resilient animals that are less affected by the turbulent weather patterns in the region, making them a much more reliable source of income than agriculture. In this project, 30 women in the region will receive two adult goats (or one adult goat and two baby goats) plus a training on how to keep goats (including animal health) and how to save and invest excess income. This (additional) source of income enabled the women to provide their families with essential basic needs and to pay for education, medical assistance and social services. The project helps to break the cycle of poverty and significantly increase the chances of a healthier future for women and their families.

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