The logo

The logo

The Active Health Foundation aims for a ‘Healthy World with healthy people ’. In its logo the aspects of universality, health and consciousness development are united in the symbol of the pineapple and the turquoise colour.

Health as universal, binding value

The pineapple refers to the pineal gland or epiphysis: a small and light sensitive gland in the middle of pour brains. It is developed from the so-called third eye and it is involved in the production of hormones like serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that influences our emotions, mood, appetite, self-confidence, sleep and sexual activity. Melatonin regulates our circadian rhythm (sleeping/waking rhythm) and the greater rhythm related to the seasons. In short, a gland the size of a pea but essential to our health.

Furthermore, the pineapple appeals to ‘universality’ by appearing throughout the ages in several cultures and traditions, often in the shape of a pine cone or third eye. Some examples:  the all-seeing  ‘eye of Horus’ in Egyptian mythology and the ‘eye of Shiva’ in the Vedic literature/ Hinduism/ Buddhism, the Greek god Dionysus and the Popes with a pineapple on their and the influential French philosopher Descartes that refers to the epiphysis as the ‘seat of the soul’.

Awareness development towards an integral and inclusive view

 The turquoise colour refers to awareness development on an individual and collective level.  The Spiral Dynamics model is a good example of thinking about awareness development and value systems. In this model the colour turquoise symbolizes the awareness level in which everything is looked at from a holistic and integral view.

That means that everything – humans, organization, and world – is seen as one entity with interdependent, mutually influencing parts. In this level we have an inclusive view on life; everything and everybody matters. In this state of consciousness we act from altruism, we feel the interconnectedness with each other (one world) and we combine life in the present with the realization of positive changes elsewhere and in the future.