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Healthy people in a healthy world

Healthy people in a healthy world is a universal goal to which AHF and many others want to contribute to achieving:

  • ‘Healthy people’ means that on a global scale people will be offered more equal opportunities to choose for resilience (VQ); a healthy balance between mentally (IG), physically (FQ), emotionally (EQ) and spiritually (SQ) in the short and medium term.
  • ‘A healthy world’ implies a global absence of social-economic differences and health differences due to which each individual in the ‘here and now’ and the ‘there and later’ lives in connectedness with other people and its environment (ecology).

Ego-health ∞ eco-health

This beckoning perspective requires a facilitation of a global consciousness so that people can make choices in all facets of life based on the forgotten value of health. The natures of these choices can be:

  • More directed towards own wellbeing; ego-health
  • In a more altruistic sense from a consciousness that our choices in the here and now have an effect on the health of other people and the environment elsewhere and in the future; eco-health

Regardless of the nature of the choice are insight, intuition, willingness to change and the able to structurally act different are crucial.

Health is everything

The realization of ‘healthy people in a healthy world requires systemic thinking of ‘health is everything’. A consciousness of the fact that health includes everything; not just humans and / or the care domain. And that everything in life is interconnected. There is a system that is characterized by a complex dynamic process of conditional dependencies, mutual influence and striving for a renewed balance. From this point of view health cannot be seen as a by-product of a product or service but it is an integral main-product of service of our individual and collective actions.

Systemic thinking from a value of health in an all-encompassing sense implies creating political, social, economic and environmental choices that through their mutual interactions, result in a globally healthy system. A global system with a dynamic balance between planetary ecology and the human society in which each individual consciously and freely can choose for the integration of ego- and ecohealth in his/her life.


Having ‘healthy people in a healthy world’ in mind we facilitate initiatives aimed at the public benefit that connect with our mission statement and cannot get started properly or lack sufficient publicity without our contribution. Curious? Then please have a look at our current projects and projects under development.

Creating health together

Do you want to contribute? This is possible in a way that suits you. Together we can make a healthy difference!


Do have any questions? Then please call us on 088 – 28 66 000 or full in the contact form.