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Healthy people in a healthy world

‘Healthy people in a healthy world’ is what the Active Health Foundation (AHF) strives for. Our health is our greatest and universal treasure! That is why we support projects that raise people’s awareness of the value health has for themselves, their surroundings, society and the world.  One healthy world starts by discovering one’s healthy self.

The (forgotten) value of health

Health is an important universal value that unites and connects us all. If every human can make a deliberate choice for health in all aspects of life this will result in one world with mentally (IQ), physically (FQ), emotionally (EQ) and spiritually balanced people (SQ). People that have the energy and strength (VQ) to bring about positive changes in a sustainable way for themselves and others, locally, regionally and globally. This requires knowledge, intuition, willingness to change and the ability to act structurally different.

Opting for integral health

In current health care systems, the emphasis is more on aftercare than on precaution. The systems are more focused on providing good care when the individual is ill (aftercare) than on preventing the individual from becoming ill (precaution). That precaution is necessary, is socially endorsed. But for an actual healthy future, more is required than to use preventive measures within parts of the health (care) systems. It requires a rediscovery from aftercare to precaution to integral health in the broadest sense. Which also involves social and economic choices. Do we opt for a basic income (‘poverty makes sick’), a renewed balance between economic growth and ecological sustainability, an organization of our educational system that is suitable for every individual with attention for integral healthy living, a favorable particulates-climate and a society with more social purpose organizations?


Having ‘Healthy people in a healthy world’ in mind we facilitate foundation initiatives aimed at the public benefit that cannot get started properly or lack sufficient publicity without our contribution. Curious? Then please have a look at our current projects and projects under development.

Creating healthy impact together

Do you want to contribute? This is possible in a way that suits you. Together we can make a healthy difference!


Do have any questions? Then please call us on 088 – 28 66 000 or full in the contact form.


(Nederlands) Blokhuis: maatregelen nodig tegen probleemgebruik energiedrankjes

09 Jul 2018

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