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Healthy people and a healthy world

“Healthy people and a healthy world”, that is the goal the Active Health Foundation (AHF) commits itself to.

  • “Healthy people”: every human being has relatively equal opportunities to choose for the value of health. We define health as the ability to manage one’s own healthy balance: mentally (IQ), physically (PQ), emotionally (EQ) and spiritually (SQ) in the short and long term. This definition emphasizes the individual’s resilience and the potential to become and/or feel healthy, even in case of illness.
  • “Healthy world”: worldwide there is a system that puts “healthy people” at the centre with consideration for the “here and now” and the “there and later” (elsewhere in the world and future generations). This system focuses on the value of health.

“Health is everything” systems thinking & intuition

Realising “healthy people and a healthy world” requires a collective awareness from which people want to, can and will make other, integral choices in all facets of life based on the value of health. This requires “health is everything” systems thinking & intuition: a viewpoint based on an awareness that health is all-encompassing. For example, health does not only apply to the health care domain. Health concerns the entire ecosystem and affects all domains. It is a system that is characterised by a complex dynamic process of conditional dependencies.

Health requires making choices

Systems thinking &intuition based on the value of health in an all-encompassing sense implies making personal, political, social, financial-economic, constitutional and ecological choices that allow every individual to consciously and freely have equal opportunities for health. What, then, is a right choice? And on what do you base the decision to act or not to act? Read more about this search on just action under Ethical compass.

Projects for health

With “healthy people and a healthy world” in mind, we facilitate activities aimed at the public good that are consistent with the ethical compass and that are unlikely to succeed without our contribution. Curious? Take a look at our current projects and our completed projects.

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