A museum and leisure park for families where it is all about the experience to enjoy food, health, culture and nature in an innovative way. That is what CitySenses Almere aims for in 2020. As a start the pilot project ‘Labyrinth of the Senses’ has been developed. A travelling maze in which visitors can taste, feel, look, smell and listen helped by an app to guide them through a labyrinth of temptations.


Awareness of the individual through his senses to show the choice he can make for a healthy lifestyle.


In the “Labyrinth of the Senses” (LotS) you experience, feel, see, hear, smell and taste the issues of your own lifestyle. The experience bubble scent [Scent] lets you smell stories from all over the world. In color [Color] you learn playfully how to make a composition, causing the entire space changes color and how it effects your emotion. The “Food Art project” in taste [Taste] shows our desire to stay healthy and young. In sound [Sound] you fully relax and in feeling [Touch] you can touch and you are touched. In the last bubble about the future [Next Senses] you explore the unknown. In five short films about intimate technology you are referred to systems that colonize our bodies, influence our behavior and determine our identity.


At the moment the ‘Labyrinth of the Senses’ [LotS]’ is being developed. The unveiling is planned to take place at the three-day Uitfestival in Almere near the end of September 2019

In the lead-up towards the unveiling several events will take place:

  • On the 10th of June 2019 the Senseslab was officially opened on the ‘Almeerderstrand (beach of Almere). The Senseslab can be seen as a sneak preview of the ‘Labyrinth of the Senses’. Up until the unveiling the artist will make use of this lab in order for them to be able to test their experience chambers.
  • During the summer of 2018 the Senseslab had been present at the Floriade Festival together with ‘Snowwhite’s apples’. These apples had been injected with an unknown substance by a performance artist and were accompanied by a story. The apple-performance was a seducing invitation in order for you to use your senses in another way and in doing so stimulated rethinking food processing and healthy choices.
  • In September 2018, during the VegetableSoupFestival, the pop-up ‘Incognito’ was revealed. Persons present were invited to be ‘incognito’ for a brief while by taking place in a cocoon which had been made by artist Mira Ticheler, making use of only recycled, sustainable materials. Inside the cocoon participants could enjoy from a musical composition made by the Mark Kirkenier, healthcarepianist from Almere.

Active Health Foundation contributed by means of a financial contribution

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