A museum and leisure park for families where it is all about the experience to enjoy food, health, culture and nature in an innovative way. That is what CitySenses Almere aims for in 2020. As a start the pilot project ‘Labyrinth of the Senses’ has been developed. A travelling maze in which visitors can taste, feel, look, smell and listen helped by an app to guide them through a labyrinth of temptations.


Ahead of 2020 we start with the pilot project ‘Labyrinth of the Senses’ (LotS). In a travelling maze of sensory temptations – tasting, feeling, looking, smelling and listening –  the visitor becomes part of a modern day fairy-tale.  You will undoubtedly come out more aware and perhaps happier than going in.

The exact appearance of the maze is not yet established: a team of artists and scientists designs this interactive artwork together with people with a sensory challenge to give the inside and the outside a clear message.


Currently everybody is very busy designing the Labyrinth. Ahead of the launch of this physical milestone CitySenses is present on the Floriade Festival in the summer of 2018 with the Snow White’s apples. The apples are injected by an artist with unknown substances and are accompanied by a story. The apple performance invites people to use their sense in another way making them aware of more conscious choices for health and stimulate them to think about food modification.

This project is carried out by the Stichting CitySenses (CitySenses Foundation).


Awareness of the individual through his senses to show the choice he can make for a healthy lifestyle.

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