21 December 2023

Clean drinking water Benin

There is a significant shortage of clean drinking water in Djibio municipality, located in southern Benin. This leads to a large number of diseases and health problems. A water pump and knowledge of hygienic practices will significantly reduce the incidence of disease within the community of about 7,000 inhabitants. In addition, a reliable and continuous water supply contributes to the quality of life by improving agricultural opportunities and other economic activities.

Water pump and disease prevention

By installing a water pump with solar panels, Djibio residents will have permanent access to clean drinking water and no longer depend on contaminated water. Through information campaigns and training on responsible water use and hygiene, supported by radio spots, awareness of health practices and disease prevention will be raised. At the request of the local community, training on AIDS will additionally be provided. Finally, training will take place for the local water committee to be formed to manage and maintain the water pump.

Improving quality of life, now and in the future

The structural availability of clean drinking water ensures improvements in health, hygiene, economic opportunities and overall well-being in daily life. This contributes to the maintenance and growth of Djibio’s community, especially among young people who would otherwise be forced to migrate to urban areas. Continuity of water supply is ensured by a local water committee and financed by user contributions.

The project is implemented by the Dutch foundation Ben-In-Connection in cooperation with local partner Ben-In-Connection Bénin and with the support of Stichting Wilde Ganzen.

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