Resilience education

For many people, being able to consciously choose health in all aspects of life and being resilient is not self-evident. It requires that you, as a human being, make mindful (with attention) and heartful – following your heart and with (self-)compassion – healthy choices in all lifestyle areas: nutrition, exercise, work, stress, social relationships and finding meaning. All lifestyle choices together influence our resilience (VQ) as a person; the degree to which we are mentally (IQ), physically (PQ), emotionally (EQ) and spiritually (SQ) balanced. See the image below.

In 2018, the menu “The primal force of health” was developed. This menu consists of a palette of resources that help the individual to make healthy(-ier) choices in all areas of his life. These resources are divided into three categories:

  • Lifestyle test: an online test that gives the individual more insight into the balance of his lifestyle in five minutes. The questionnaire covers the six lifestyle areas that together influence our health and resilience.
  • Lifestyle coaching: if individual coaching is helpful or preferable, there is the lifestyle coach who works on the basis of the philosophy of the lifestyle circle, while paying attention to mindfulness and compassion. A personal lifestyle plan is created, and a health check gives the individual tangible insight into the effect of his actions.
  • Courses: short, practice-oriented courses (in class and online) that activate the participant to work on new healthy(-ier) behaviour in his daily practice.

The Active Health Foundation initiated the project and provided support through unpaid consultancy.

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