Making conscious choices for health on all aspects of life and living resiliently, is not self-evident for many people. That is why AHF focuses on the increase of resilience of our fellow humans through education. With special attention for vulnerable groups in society like people with a low socio- economic situation, chronic illness and / or the generations of the future; the youth.


More resilience for every person and particulary vulnerable groups in society by offering integral life style education in different learning environments.


Research shows that resilience requires that humans everyday make healthy choices mindfully (consciously)  and ‘heartfully’ – with the heart and self-compassion –  on all aspects of life: food, exercise, job satisfaction, stress, relationships and spiritual meaning. All lifestyle choices combined influence our resilience (VQ) as a person; the degree to which we are mentally (IQ), physically (FQ), emotionally (EQ) and spiritually (SQ) in balance. See the picture below.

Through knowledge transfer, insight, intuition, motivation and the provision of perspectives for action, the individual is facilitated to take control of his (experienced) health and happiness. It is about becoming skilled in a life lived in attention with (self) compassion. Educating yourself in making healthy (er) choices in a society where that is not (yet) always the most obvious choice.


In 2018 we developed the menu ‘The primordial power of health’.  This menu consists of a range of interventions and means that help the individual to choose healthily on all aspects of life in a non-committal way. We distinguish the following three categories:

  • Courses: short, practical courses (in class and online) that activate the individual to start with healthier behaviour in her or his own daily life. Examples are the workshops Lifestyle MOT; Less Stress, more energy and Mindfulness
  • Lifestyle test: an online open source lifestyle test that gives more insight to the individual into the balance of his lifestyle in five minutes. The questionnaire covers the six lifestyle areas that combined influence our health and resilience.
  • Lifestyle coaching: if individual coaching is required or wanted, there is the lifestyle coach who will work with the philosophy of the lifestyle circle and mindfulness en compassion. A personal lifestyle plan is made and a health check provides the individual tangible effects of his or her actions.

This project is carried out by the social & health venture Active Health Group.

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