Project: Freeing up land for equality

Freeing up land for equality

A healthy world requires equal access for people to health in a broad sense. New economic models help. In the Netherlands, the Veerhuis is an example of a refuge for “new economy” thinking and doing, focused on a healthy society, now and for future generations. From the thought that earth is not a revenue model (land speculation), but a common good where everybody from the community should have equal access to and should decide on, the Veerhuis started  a crowdfunding ‘free up earth’. Active Health Foundation supported this initiative with a financial contribution.

Free the earth

With ‘free up earth’, in the first instance, the Veerhuis buys her 2220m2 land free and gives it back to the community; the participants in this case. After having freed the land, the follow-up is a voyage of discovery together with the participants about how to manage the land, based on the value of equality, with an eye for nature instead of the financial interest of the individual. Besides, the Veerhuis reduces costs by freeing the land. An advantage that is given back to visitors via a lower coffee price. If worldwide all land is no longer traded, the cost of living for all humans would decrease with €17.000 per year. Also, for the next generations.

Visit the website of the Veerhuis and see how we as Active health Foundation contribute to a more beautiful and healthier world.

Contribute to this project?

Would you like to contribute to this project? You can support us in several ways! Visit the website of the Veerhuis and see how we, as Active Health Foundation, contribute to a more beautiful and healthier world.


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