Patrick Teunissen

Patrick Teunissen

Living consciously

Shaping the conditionality of health in everyday practice. That is what we as a foundation try to achieve with as many other people as possible. For me personally, an integral approach to the value of health is about a very conscious way of living along the axes of the lifestyle circle (see the image below) and about sustainability (people, planet, impact). By conscious living I mean looking for your purpose in the labyrinth of life. Living mindful and “heartful” – following your heart and with (self) compassion –, listening to your gut feeling, your intuition. And taking the lead in all areas of your life and your health.

Health as a prerequisite

By facilitating as many people as possible in developing awareness of the value of health in all areas of their lives, AHF simultaneously contributes to the ideal of “homo universalis”, equal opportunities for everyone and the integral realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals. I therefore think it is important that our foundation pays extra attention to people with a lower socio-economic status (SES). Scientific research shows time and time again that in terms of life expectancy, self-perceived health status and lifestyle risk factors for illness, they lag behind people with a high SES. This requires that we, as a society, look for ways to redesign our system from the value of health in order to achieve a paradigm shift from aftercare/curative action to integral health thinking.

Curriculum vitae

Life events and the reflection of my four children growing up, made me commit myself increasingly on a daily basis to embedding the value of health systemically. This resulted, among other things, in my board position and chairmanship of the Active Health Foundation. A social institution aimed at “healthy people and a healthy world” where awareness development around the value of health, the realisation of sustainability goals and socio-economic action come together in a social context. Above this, today I am involved in multiple (advisory) organizations in health.

Practise what you preach

From the idea ”practise what you preach” and the adage “intuition is a gift, your mind the servant”, every day I try to find an optimal balance in all aspects of my life, having the lifestyle circle in mind. A balance between giving attention to home life and my fulfilling work, my passion for tennis, running, cycling and walking, meditation, enjoying organic vegetarian food, cultural activities and reading.

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