About the foundation

About the foundation

“Healthy people in a healthy world” is the universal goal that we want to achieve with the Active Health Foundation (AHF). We have laid down our ideas in a mission statement.
A document that acts as an ethical reflection and assessment tool for our actions and for our partners.

Main goal

As stated in the articles of association, the higher goal of the foundation is:

  • Making as many people as possible aware of the universal value of health for themselves, their surroundings, society and the world from an integral perspective.

Sub goals

De sub goals of the Active Health Foundation are:

  • By means of integral health the Active Health Foundation wants to create the basic requirements to realise the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) 2015 – 2030 of the United Nations.
  • Creating basic conditions for sustainable economic action through the value of health: locally, socially, environmentally within a social context.

Extra attention

We focus extra on the SDG’s below:

2: Terminating hunger, reaching food security, improved food and promotion of sustainable agriculture.
3: Ensuring good health and well-being at every age.
4: Ensuring equal access to quality education and promoting lifelong learning for everyone.
5: Achieving gender equality and self-development /empowerment for all women and girls.
8: Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employability and honest work for all.
12: Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.

No profit motive

Our foundation aims to realise social impact and has no profit motive. Active Health Foundation is registered by the Dutch Tax Authorities as an ANBI institution. ‘Public Benefit Organization’.

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