Policy plan

Policy plan

To realise the ideal of ‘healthy people and a healthy world’, the Active Health Foundation (AHF) supports initiatives at different impact levels through a mix of traditional and modern, financial and non-financial philanthropic instruments. The various levels together create a context in which the individual is facilitated to make conscious and free choices for health.

Criteria for support

As a foundation, we initiate activities ourselves as well as provide support to third parties who submit a request for support to us, which is honoured. An activity is eligible for support if it meets the criteria below:

  • It is aimed at public benefit.
  • It contributes to the objectives of the Active Health Foundation.
  • Without the Active Health Foundation’s support, it does not get off the ground sufficiently and/or is not sufficiently well known.

Forms of support

The form in which the Active Health Foundation supports an activity is tailor-made. Forms of support include amongst others: donations, initiating and promoting (scientific) research, consultancy (whether or not in co-creation), venture philanthropy, loans, holding funds and interests, setting up (communication) campaigns, networking, helping to set up forms of cooperation such as foundations and/or cooperatives for various projects.


Awarded activities are grouped into projects. This project is published on the website under ‘current projects’ with information about the goal, the content and the form of support. The phase of a project can vary from exploration to realisation. After a project has been realised, information about it is available under ‘Projects completed‘.

In terms of content, the projects contribute to the statutory main objective from different health domains and perspectives: to make as many people as possible aware of the universal value of health for themselves, their environment, society and the world from an integral perspective.


The Foundation’s income comes from gifts (donations) from private individuals, commercial organisations, ANBI institutions and by awarding subsidies. In addition, parties can contribute in kind (knowledge, manpower, network, etc.). The capital that the Active Health Foundation maintains for current projects and to be able to honour new requests for support is held in a current account with the Triodos bank. After the end of the financial year, the financial statements are published and, since 2020, the Standard Form for Obligation to Publish.

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