How healthy would we people be if we could organize the local living environment in such a way that healthier choices about all aspects of life would be obvious and unhealthy choices the exception?


The Food for Health project aims to integrate the individual into his own environment (own neighborhood) integrally to his self-reliance on the value of health in his mind and ability. With attention to upstream and downstream influences on our behavior. Upstream factors: the setting of our environment and the social, economic, political and cultural context that affects it. Downstream factors: the more individual psychological and biological factors that affect our (un) healthy choices.


The movement to a local living environment in which healthy choices are always the obvious choices. By nudging the individual to healthy food and a healthy life by means of an attractive physical intervention in his or her public space, we aim to give an impulse to moving towards a local healthy living environment in which healthier choices are integrally the obvious choices. A positive financial result will be reinvested in a glocal (worldwide local) fund for the purpose of the continuity of this project and other local initiatives that collectively contribute to heathy people in a heathy world.

Its practical translation in the public area of ​​its own district is:

  • Through physical intervention – placing a ‘healthy building’ pavilion / kiosk – to create an attractive health hub where the individual can make low-fat choices for healthy organic food at democratic prices and gets information on how to be healthy on every aspect of your life.
  • Health awareness activation: outside eating times the pavilion accommodates health promoting socio-cultural activities and initiatives.
  • Glocal social refunding: positive financial results are being reinvested into a glocal fund for the continuity of this and other glocal initiatives that collectively contribute to the movement from aftercare to pre-care and health awareness and an integrally healthy neighbourhood.
  • Participation by involved citizens in the role of volunteer and people with a distance to the labor market.


It is our ambition to establish a Food for Health pavilion in the first quarter of 2019. With several Dutch en Belgian municipalities we are currently talking to determine the exact location.

This project is being implemented by the social & health venture Yes We Do!.

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