Creating a comfortable space, nearby, where everyone can choose for healthy food that will benefit themselves, others and the environment, that is the basic principle behind Food For Health. The name refers to ‘food for thought’; integrally choosing for health is a lot to think about.


To provide individuals in their local environment with a positive, easy option for ego health and eco health.


Food for Health in its essence is a contemporary, multifunctional, small ‘health-hub, locally placed. It consists of flexible, sustainable, linkable, small units which are suited to fulfill a variety of features.

Integral health is pursued by following the basic principles of ‘local, social and green’

  • Local; nearness, short supply chain between production and consumption
  • Social: inclusive, diverse, fair
  • Green; nature, organic, circular

The health hub is a lively place where a great diversity of people gather, all with different motives, such as:

  • Shopping at the kiosk or mini supermarket which offer local products and herbal-based vitamins
  • Borrowing a book or seeds from the library or the seed bank
  • Having a cup of tea or coffee combined with visiting the bathroom
  • Consulting a medical doctor, a coach or any other expert in the field of health and well being
  • Enjoying moments in the nearby created tiny forest
  • Cooperating in an urban farming project
  • Participation; education and assisting people in ‘inbetween’ situations


It is our ambition to establish a Food for Health pavilion in the third quarter of 2020. With several Dutch en Belgian municipalities we are currently talking to determine the exact location.

This project is being implemented by the social & health venture Yes We Do!.

Want to contribute?

Do you want to contribute to this project? You can support us in several ways!


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