A growing group of values-driven investors are looking for opportunities to contribute to a healthy world and healthy people. Since 2021, the Whealth Fund: an investment fund for investors who have the promotion of health in a broad sense as a driver for their investment choices or raison d’être as an organization and subscribe to the Ethical Compass. It offers an alternative to traditional profit-driven investment funds and exchange-traded funds, and provides access to like-minded individuals.
The Whealth Fund invests on their behalf in companies that fit within the vital sectors described in the Ethical Compass. These include:

  • water
  • energy
  • housing
  • education
  • short chain including agriculture and manufacturing
  • hygiene and (preliminary) care
  • justice
  • social chain
  • mindfulness and compassion
  • art and culture
  • (scientific) research

The name ‘whealth’ refers to the positive impact we can realize together. ‘Whealth’ is a fusion of ‘wealth’ and ‘health’ and stands for ‘wealth of health’.

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