We are increasingly aware that health does not start or end with care and that the current structure of society as a system, often doesn’t facilitate making healthy choices for the individual and their living environment.


Increasing awareness of systems thinking ‘health is everything’ and (her) design of the (pre) care to enable people to speak to their self-healing ability and self-reliance.


The project ‘Paradigmshift – Health above all’ activates the awareness of health in the broad sense to (start) seeing it as a value and translate into choices about the organization of society, the economy, the administration, the care, education, agriculture , IT, own life, et cetera.

It feeds in the narrow sense the (re) design of the (pre) care aimed at accessibility and self-direction. Where in that last case, the individual is facilitated by the professional to find out the deeper causes of his symptoms of imbalance and to be able to speak to his self-healing ability.

In a broad sense, the increase in awareness of systems thinking feeds ‘everything is health’, which contributes to global equal opportunities for health and self-sufficiency. Health and illness are a mirror of the impact of (inter) national political choices, power relations, climate changes, the design of the physical and social environment, the food system, the monetary system, etc.


Part of the ‘paradigm shift – health above all’ project are:

  • United Economy’s year event on the 11th of June 2019. The event centered around value driven entrepreneurs. At the event participants were inspired to share knowledge and make new connections in order to positively contribute to a fair, social and sustainable economy. Active Health Foundation took part at the event as co-producer and held a presentation about ‘the value of health’
  • Workshops ‘Nature-inclusive agriculture & health – from theory to practice’. Interactive worksop in which participants discovered systemic ‘health above all’ thinking, centered around the theme of nature-inclusive agriculture, as well as ventured into in discovering starting points in current day practice. The workshops took place during the National Networkconference POP3 on the 15th of November 2019. The workshops were coproduced by Active Health Foundation, Regiebureau POP and Living Lab Fryslan. Inside the section ‘Publications’ you’ll find documents concerning the event
  • Round Table ‘Health & Nature-included agriculture’. On the 27th of September 2018 an interdisciplinary group of experts from within the fields of agriculture, healthcare, academia and public governance took part in a systemic reconnaissance of the theme ‘health as a value’ in relation to the much-discussed theme of ‘nature-inclusive agriculture’. The Future round table should be seen as a positive initiative towards a system characterized by healthy and nature-included agriculture, healthy food, people and environments. The round table has been organized by the Active Health Foundation in cooperation with Regieburea POP. Under the section ‘Publications’ you’ll find the document ‘Oogst Tafel van de toekomst Gezondheid & natuurinclusieve landbouw’ and the visualization made by artist Bas Köhler.
  • The documentary ‘the primal force of health’. In a series of dialogues the in- and outs of the social movement ‘from aftercare towards prevention and integral health management’ were discussed. Active Health Foundation supported the production through funding, consultancy and its extensive network. The documentary is a coproduction of NPHF, Pharos, ONVZ and Studio Weltschmertz

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