Project: Paradigmshift – Health above all

Paradigmshift – Health above all

It is beginning to dawn that health doesn’t start nor end with healthcare and that the current design or our society doesn’t not enough facilitate the individual to make the healthy choice


Raising awareness for system thinking ‘health above all’ and (re)designing prevention in order for individuals to address their self-healing powers.


The project ‘Paradigmshift health above all’ activates the awareness to see the concept of health in a broader sense, as a value, and to translate this to choices about the design of our society, the economy, public governance, health care, education, agriculture, IT etc.

In a more narrow sense it activates the design of prevention aimed at accessibility and self-management.

In a broader sense it activates awareness of system thinking ‘health above all’ which contributes to worldwide equal opportunities regarding health and self-sufficiency. Health and illness in that case can be seen as a mirror of the impact of international political decision making, distribution of power, climate change, the design of physical and social environments, food systems, the monetary system etc.


At the moment we are looking into the possibilities of setting up multimedia campaigns and events.

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