Project: ‘Health is everything’ system dynamics

‘Health is everything’ system dynamics

The realisation of “healthy people and a healthy world” requires a collective awareness from which people want, can and will make integral choices based on the value of health in a broad sense. This requires insight into and the ability to apply “health is everything” systems thinking & intuition: a viewpoint based on an awareness that health is all-embracing. Health concerns the entire ecosystem and affects all domains. It is a system that is characterised by a complex dynamic process of conditional dependencies.

Education, research and communication can be seen as a means to achieve understanding and application of the value of health from a systems perspective. They facilitate making personal, political, social, financial-economic, constitutional and ecological choices that can contribute to a healthy world where every human being has relatively equal opportunities to choose the value of health.

Education, research and communication

Our current projects include:

  • Designing a Master’s programme “Health in all policies” and an MBA “Health in all activities”.
  • Interviews with researchers to contribute to fundamental knowledge about system dynamics from their field of expertise, resulting in healthy people and a healthy world.
  • Exploration of a book in which “health is everything” systems thinking is viewed from different disciplines.
  • Exploration of multimedia campaigns aimed at awareness of the value of health in a broad sense and translating this into choices about the organisation of society as well as one’s own life.

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