Healthy people in a healthy world requires a systems thinking of ‘health is everything’, a consciousness that everything in life and health is interconnected. A system in which health is not a side effect of a product /- service, but an integral main product /- service of our individual and collective actions.

System thinking ‘health is everything’ requires political, social, economic and ecological choices that, in their mutual interaction, result in a global sound system in which every individual can consciously and freely choose health. The current healthcare systems (aftercare and precaution) should also be organized from an integral, systemic view of health rather than symptomatic treatment. And in a way that we can let people speak to their self-healing ability and self-reliance.

What systemic choices do we want to make? For example, do we opt for a basic income and basic capacity (‘poverty makes sick’), a renewed balance between socio-economic and ecology, a healthy living environment and infrastructure, a universally accessible health (pre) care from an integral, systemic view on health, an inclusive education system with attention for self-conscious healthy living, a society with more citizen cooperatives, autarky and social purpose organizations, …?


Getting insight via system science into what it means when we shift our focus to ‘health is everything’; the awareness that everything in life and health is interconnected.


In view of a book about system thinking ‘health is everything’, currently (literature) research takes place into existing studies and publications in which system theory has already been applied in the context of the AHF vision on health. More specifically the theme’s constitution, communication, short supply-chains and the financial system are being looked into.

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