Our working methods

Our working methods

To achieve the ideal of ‘healthy people in a healthy world ‘ in a sustainable and significant way the  Active Health Foundation (AHF) supports initiatives on different impact levels with a mix of traditional and modern, financial and non-financial philanthropic instruments. The various levels create a context that facilitates in which the individual is facilitated to consciously and freely choose the integration of ego health and eco health in his / her life.

Forms of support

We offer support in many ways, for instance:

  • Gifts
  • Initiating and promoting (scientific) research
  • Consultancy possibly in co-creation
  • Venture Philanthropy
  • Loans
  • Maintaining funds and interests
  • Developing communication campaigns.
  • Network formation
  • Helping hand in the establishing of cooperation forms like foundations, and/ or cooperatives for various projects

Are you looking for support?

Do have an idea or an initiative that meets the following terms:

  • It is in line with the mission statement of AHF
  • It is aimed at the public good
  • Without support of the ATF it will not get off the ground properly or receive enough publicity.

Please contact us by filling in the contact form or call us on op 088 – 28 66 000.